About Adobe Connect

The TEL Team is currently trialling and evaluating Adobe Connect, for more details please contact tel@sheffield.ac.uk.

Adobe Connect is a webinar tool, that allows people from disparate physical locations to come together in a virtual meeting space. Connect allows you to hold anything from a quick one-to-one meeting between people, to an online seminar or lecture for up to 200 delegates at a time.

A Connect meeting would typically consist of one or more ‘hosts” giving a presentation to a number of delegates similar to a face to face presentation. It can allow other sorts of interaction too, such as “screen sharing” and so can be useful for software demos and/or training events.

The real power of Connnect lies in its Collaborative features.  Rather than just using it as a means to present information to a large group (which might be better done with say Echo360), Connect allows the delegates to interact with the host presenter and each other. Successful Connect sessions typically involve the meeting host providing plenty of opportunities for interaction with the participants, including asking questions and setting tasks that can be completed in small groups vis virtual “break-out rooms”.

Connect has obvious uses for traditional Distance Learning course, but also has a tremendous amount to offer in areas such as PhD supervision, keeping in touch with students on placement activities, and in particular, getting students at remote locations to present to each other to review progress on their work.

Click here to find more information on how this can be used through MOLE and find help guides for staff and students