Using Video in Learning and Teaching – 3. More Examples and using video within the Kaltura Digital Media Hub

More Examples

There are many more examples on the University’s digital Media Hub, which is openly accessible to all , at

For more discussion on some specific issues around the educational use of video, you might also be interested in this recent Digital Commons seminar on The Language of Video

Using video within the Kaltura Digital media Hub
In addition to providing video to help students learn, in the contexts outlined above, being able to offer these videos within an online environment such as the new Digital Media Hub also provides the following

  • Very easy to stop, rewind, replay
  • Easy to play at variable speed to skim through materials more quickly and to get to the parts you want
  • Create chapterized segments to a video so that it can be indexed, and the chapters can be accessed directly
  • Place it in an environment where supporting resources e.g worksheets can be made available
  • Can be made into interactive quizzes to assess the viewer’s responses to the video – either in terms of comprehension, or more of an emotional response where appropriate
  • Can be downloaded and used away from an internet connection – and using mobile devices – can be taken into environments not previously possible e.g. field trips
  • Student generated videos can be directly submitted via MOLE, graded electronically and have video or audio feedback created for the student.

For more details, see