About uPlayer

uPlayeruPlayer is the University of Sheffield’s media streaming service from Corporate Information and Computing Services (CiCS).

It is a library of the University’s Video and Audio material and is held on a CiCS secure central server.

Not generally available to everyone in the University, uPlayer is managed by nominated local administrators in each Faculty or Department.

Material is uploaded by these local administrators and stored into areas known as Categories. Faculties/Departments are allocated their own category.

uPlayer is most often used by Course Instructors in the University’s virtual learning environment – MOLE (My Online Learning Environment) but this media can also be used in other outlets such as the University’s CMS or any other web pages.

Sensitive material such as medical videos showing real patients can be stored in uPlayer in secure Categories that are restricted to access by only the department owning them. This leads to a more secure method of hosting and sharing media than other hosting options when dealing with sensitive video material.

For more information about uPlayer or if you would like to become an adminstrator, please contact tel@sheffield.ac.uk.