uPlayer – Guide to Tagging

Tagging your material

Tagging will help you, and other people, to find your content from amongst the thousands of media files hosted on the uPlayer system.

Tagging is the process of adding keywords, or metadata, to your content. Tagging is used by the uPlayer search engine to help you find something that you uploaded last year, but can’t quite remember what you called it.

Tagging is about meaning and interpretation, so ask your colleagues if you aren’t sure about the words to use.

If the concept of tagging is unfamiliar to you, here is some advice on applying tags.

  • Use multiple, short tags instead of phrases
  • Be consistent, develop standards and stick to them
  • The search engine is case insensitive, so it doesn’t matter if you use capital letters or not
  • If you are unsure about using singular or plural words, use both
  • Include a module or course code if applicable
  • Include the name of your Department or Faculty
  • Include the name of the principal presenter (if there is one)
  • Avoid ambiguous words, e.g. left, bow, which might be interpreted wrongly
  • Check your spelling
  • If there is a UK and US spelling of a tag word, use both
  • Use the words ‘video’ or ‘audio’ to help you to distinguish between different types of media