uPlayer – Getting Media Into uPlayer

Content is added to uPlayer by local administrators. These local administrators will oversee the material for their Faculty or Department. CiCS will provide training and guidance for these local administrators.

List of local uPlayer administrators by department.

Uploading Media

If you have permissions to upload media to uPlayer, log in using your normal username and password. If you don’t have permission, see your local administrator for help.

Log in to uPlayer

Click the Upload button on the menu bar.

Now add the media’s metadata.

  • Title can be up to 85 characters long
  • Select a Category
  • Add a Description, which can be up to 1000 characters
  • Add a Contributor Name
  • Enter your email address. This is used to inform you when your media has been encoded.

The system does not enforce the use of tags but we would strongly encourage you to enter as many tags as you can think of. Tags will help you to locate your media at a later date.

Further advice on tagging

Tick the box to confirm that you agree with the Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

Terms of Use and Disclaimer

Click on Next

Choose file

You will now be prompted to upload your media file. The maximum recommended file size is 500Mb.

The Media Library will upload videos in the following formats:
.mov, .avi, .wmv, .flv, .mpg, .mp4, .mp3, .wav, .wma

Click the Browse button, select your file and click the Open button.

Click Next.


If your file is a video file, the system will begin to extract the thumbnails from the video. Please wait for the thumbnails to appear on the page – a Loading Thumbnails icon will appear as this happens.

If the extraction of thumbnails is successful, eight thumbnails will appear on the page. Please select one of these.

If thumbnails are not extracted for the video file then you will be given the option of uploading your own, or selecting the default thumbnail for the Category you have uploaded your file into.

Images uploaded for thumbnails must be 320W X 204H and the format must be .jpg

If your file is an audio file it will not contain images that can be used as thumbnails. You can upload your own image using the format described above.

Click Next

Associate file

There are two types of files that can be added here – captions files and associated files.

  • Captions files will overlay subtitles onto your video. You can read more about subtitles here.
  • Associated files that are uploaded here will not be accessible to end users. If you do need to associate other files, then MOLE or the Content Management System are better platforms for this.

Click Next


On this final step you will be asked to confirm all the details you have just entered. You can retrace your steps and make amendments at this point.

When everything is correct click the Confirm button.

Your video has now been uploaded to the system. You will receive an e-mail issuing you with a link to your video once the system has encoded the file for streaming delivery.

The system does not keep a copy of your original file. The material is encoded into a format that is optimized for streaming, and then the file that you uploaded is deleted – it’s up to you to keep the master copies of your original material.

The system may have a queue of files that it is working on. The queue can be as short as 30 minutes, and has been as long as four days. In the media listing area your video will be flagged as False in the Encoded column until your video has been encoded. This is not an error, if encoding fails you will receive an email notification.