About TurningPoint


TurningPoint is a group response system, using electronic keypads (also known as clickers). It allows for interaction and feedback in large group situations such as lectures, using multiple-choice questions that are delivered via PowerPoint.

The system can gather instant responses, feedback and choices from an audience of up to six hundred people.

Group response systems create interactivity between a presenter and the audience. You use a computer and a projector to present a series of Powerpoint slides. Each slide is built within the audience response software, and displays a question with multiple choice answers.

Each member of the audience uses a wireless keypad to indicate their answer. The answers are sent to a base station, which is connected to your computer. The software collects the results and displays them for all to see.

Data can be collected anonymously or, for exams, you can make each handset traceable to an individual. You can include questions about your audience´s age and gender etc, and then later perform demographic analyses of their responses.

The data is stored in a database, so you can return at a later date to perform further analyses. You can even award points or weighting to different answers in order to measure the audience´s understanding of a subject.

The graphical results can be saved as a standalone presentation and can be published on your website.

This system is used in a number of departments in the institution, and pads can be hired from CiCS Audio Visual Services. For more information on how to use the system, please see the CiCS pages on TurningPoint