What is it?

Padlet is an easy way to create and collaborate in the classroom, at work and at home. Think of a blank sheet of paper and a lot of ideas. Padlet allows you to create an interactive, collaborative whiteboard, with videos, images, text and links, with privacy settings allowing the right level of security to suit you.

Operating System Requirements

iPad only iOS 8.3 or later. However this Padlet will work in the android browser or on computers.



How can it be used?

Padlet can be used for collaborative or individual work in the following ways:

  • Blogs – a chronological post display allows for blog style publishing
  • Feedback – session / modular feedback
  • Bulletin Board – you can post updates
  • Wikis – post multiple resources about a specific topic
  • Forums – as a q&a area
  • As a resource inside MOLE – you can embed the padlet page on MOLE, and any updates will automatically filter through to MOLE

Apple App Store, Website

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