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What is it?
How do you keep coming up with truly creative new solutions for problems? How do you choose which ideas to take forward? How can you make sure your innovative new services, activities or processes are successfully realised? Use CLEAR IDEAS! The app uses Dr Kamal Birdi’s CLEAR IDEAS innovation development model to help you to enhance your innovation in dealing with challenges.

Operating Systems:
iPad only and requires iOS 7.1 or later.


How can it be used?
The CLEAR IDEAS App will help you solve any of your problems by taking you step-by-step through the different stages of its innovative solution development process. Pick a problem you have and the App will interactively help you:

  • Systematically identify and prioritise major causes of the problem
  • Generate lots of creative new solutions
  • Assess the quality of your solutions
  • Generate strategies for getting buy-in from different stakeholders
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities for implementing the solution
  • Ensure strategic fit of your solution
  • Create a timing plan for implementing your innovation
  • Produce a pdf of your problem-solving thinking and planning to share with colleagues

Example of use:

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