Was it it?

Socrative is an app that allows for the building and completion of quizzes. There are two apps – one for the teacher to create quizzes and one for the students to take them on. You can decide on the pace of the student’s learning.



Operating Platforms

They are available on both iOS and Android. You can also use the web browser to answer and create quizzes.



How can it be used?

Socrative allows you to formatively assess the understanding and learning that is taking place in the classroom. You can remove the “fear of failure” element to students answering questions by allowing them to vote using their personal devices. You can also mark, and feedback on an individual basis to students. It can also be used to gain feedback, and there is a fun element to the app as well with space race quiz – introducing some competition into the learning environment.

Student App: Apple App Store, GooglePlay Store
Teacher App: Apple App Store, GooglePlay Store


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