What is it?
ShowMe is an interactive whiteboard app that allows for the recording of demonstrations with voiceover. Record what is drawn or written on-screen, which can include your own photo. Recordings are uploaded to a free account, and can be embedded online.

Free, with a paid subscription service for some advanced features.

Operating Platforms
IOS. Requires free account to share videos.

How can it be used?
ShowMe, and similar apps, can be a great way to provide material quickly and easily for blended learning or flipped classrooms. Teachers can produce annotated videos on any topic, be it showing parts of the human body, or guides on how to draw. It can also be used by learners to create presentations for assessment.

Here is an example from the ShowMe site, demonstrating how to draw a human hand.

Apple App Store

Note – ExplainEverything is a similar, and more advanced app, for both IOS and Android. It costs £2.99.