Fieldtrip GB

Fieldtrip GB

What is it?
Fieldtrip GB is a mobile mapping and data collection app, developed by the University of Edinburgh, and supported by JISC. Using rich map content, it allows students, lecturers and researchers to map data on their mobile devices.

Cost: Free

Operating Systems:
iOS, Android (Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and above)

How can it be used?
Fieldtrip GB can be used by students undertaking a range of fieldwork, logging finds they make, waypoints and routes. Sections of map can be downloaded, to allow access without an internet signal, and custom forms can be created for data collection, synching to a DropBox account to store data. Some ideas for how to use the app, including details of how to use it in groups, can be found at the Fieldtrip GB website.

Apple App Store, Google Play Store

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