aurasmaAurasma – Bringing physical and digital spaces together.

What is it?

Aurasma enables you to overlay media (e.g. videos, audio and 3D content) onto 3D objects, spaces and printed material, by creating an ‘aura’. This concept is known as Augmented Reality and can be used to create an immersive and rich learning environment. If you’ve not seen this before, have a look at this video to see it in action:

To create a simple aura, select a trigger (e.g. an image on a poster) and then add an overlay (e.g. a video related to the poster) – Link to a short tutorial.

Free, there is also an online editor that you can use to create more complex auras.

Operating Platforms
IOS, Android.

How can it be used?
You can use Aurasma to bring learning spaces ‘to life’, bringing physical and digital spaces together. A research student could incorporate auras into their poster at a conference. In laboratories, students can access how to demonstrations related to how to use a piece of equipment. At open days, you have the opportunity to visually engage students with activities happening in your department.

Example of use
An examples of Aurasma being used in a clinical skills learning laboratory. 

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