About interactive slides in Echo360 (formerly known as LectureTools)

LT iPad

Echo360 now contains a cloud-based application that allows students to interact with lectures from their smart devices, leading to increased engagement. This is the product formerly known as LectureTools.

The following elements are available via the system:

  • Lecturers can release slides to students, which can be viewed in-class on their device, and stored for revision later.
  • Students can make notes and annotations, which are saved to their LectureTools account for future reference.
  • Lecturers can include interactive slides for increased engagement. This includes multiple choice quizzes and polls, pictures quizzes and multimedia.
  • Students can use LectureTools to ask questions during lecturers, or flag when they are confused.

The interactive element of Echo is easy to set up and use, and can be used on a wide variety of devices. It can also be run from any device with a compatible web browser. Lecturers can create their slides using Powerpoint, Keynote or other presentation software.