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adobe voiceAdobe Spark Video

What is it?
Adobe Spark Video is a tool for telling visual stories. Using your own images, or a bank of Creative Commons photos or icons, you can use visuals and your own voice to create professional animations and presentations in minutes. Videos you create can be exported and shared, or hosted on the Adobe Voice website.

Cost: Free

Operating Systems:
iPad, or via a web browser. You also need to sign up for a free Adobe account.

How can it be used?
Adobe Spark Video can be a really efficient way to create professional-looking, rich content for your learning and teaching, using visuals to give context and interest to a short presentation. It can also be used to allow learners to create their own visual stories quickly and with little technical knowledge.

Example of use:
ScHARR Library Research Hacks

Apple App Store

Adobe Spark Video on the web

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